Drongouiné, a landlocked Ivorian village not far from Liberia. There, no electric pole of the Ivorian Company of Electricity nor pylon of mobile telephone network. However, one evening in April 2017, the 5000 inhabitants of this locality plunged into modernity. LED bulbs, connected to solar panels were illuminated. A television screen began broadcasting images and a computer connected to the Internet.

At the base of this little "miracle", LIFI LED technology (Light Fidelity or transmission by light). Used by Angel Frederick Balma, a young Ivorian computer and network engineer, she uses the light spectrum of LED lighting to transmit data to a computer or smartphone.

The designer tells how the click happened: "A few years ago, I found myself in a village without electricity, without internet, without a mobile network. In our era? It was unacceptable! ".

This innovation, which is very beneficial for health services and teachers in rural areas, earned Ange Frederick the National Innovation Excellence Award of Côte d'Ivoire in 2017. With his company LIFI LED Ivory Coast, he wants to achieve a childhood dream, that of contributing to the well-being of the Ivorian and African populations. contributing Traductions de contribute VerbeFréquence contribuer contribute, abet, pool participer participate, take part, involve, engage, contribute, share donner give, yield, donate, impart, present, bestow cotiser contribute apporter une contribution contribute Définitions de contribute Verbe 1 give (something, especially money) in order to help achieve or provide something. he contributed more than $500,000 to the center Synonymes: give donate put up subscribe hand out grant bestow present provide supply furnish chip in pitch in fork out shell out cough up kick in ante up pony up Synonymes de contribute Verbe give supply play a part in bring put up conduce 34 more synonyms See as well contribuer

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